A Record Holder
Ahrang An | Ari 

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I like to record my life. There are many ways to record in the world. Writing, drawing, Taking photos, making something.
Everyone's records have been part of history.
I think that flower arranging, too, could be one of those records.

Nature is always filled with wonderful and beautiful records. I think what florists do, is that they don't miss out on the beautiful moments of nature.  They bring us to closer to our lives and to living.  Florists can meld the flow of time, art, history, and so on, in the work.

I want to do things that capture beauty without missing it. I hope that the work of ‘ARH’ will be part of someone’s preciousrecords.


6. Studio.ko x

Flower mobile Work
019 | Craftman of Korea | Hand Fan - Soobong Choi
Material | Stem wire / Clay / Flowers / Hand Fan / Beoseon / Baguni