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Ahrang An | Ari 

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I like to record my life. There are many ways to record in the world. Writing, drawing, Taking photos, making something.
Everyone's records have been part of history.
I think that flower arranging, too, could be one of those records.

Nature is always filled with wonderful and beautiful records. I think what florists do, is that they don't miss out on the beautiful moments of nature.  They bring us to closer to our lives and to living.  Florists can meld the flow of time, art, history, and so on, in the work.

I want to do things that capture beauty without missing it. I hope that the work of ‘ARH’ will be part of someone’s preciousrecords.




Flower mobile Work - Relations (2020)
003 | Dear, Narae
Material | Stem wire / Clay / Flowers

I think our lives are like a mobile. I think the important element in life is to serve as the weight of a mobile. That weight within the mobile is balanced and represents a specific person. It's a story about people around me, about relationships with them.

저는 우리의 삶이 모빌과 비슷하다고 생각합니다. 우리의 삶 안에서 중요한 요소들은 각각의 무게 추가 되고, 그 무게 추들 은 서로 균형을 이루며 모빌이 됩니다. ‘Relations’ 시리즈는 저의 주변에 어떤 누군가를 떠올리며 작업해 나아갔습니다. 그들 혹은 그. 그리고 관계에 관한 이야기입니다. 

004 | BOND, DISTANCE AND BALANCE (Thing we need now)
결속, 거리 그리고 균형 - 지금 우리에게 필요한 것들

Material | Stem wire / Clay / Flowers

006 | Dear, Sooji
Material | Stem wire / Clay / Flowers